How the University of Arkansas changed me – by Natalia Moreno, International Student Ambasssador

natalianatalia1There is always a moment in your life that changes the way you think, act and behave. For me, it was coming to the University of Arkansas. Going to a different country to study will always have an impact on you, especially if you are by yourself, but not to worry, there are always other students that are in your same position and you get to share those moments along with them.

Learning how to become an independent person was the first change I confronted. I learned how to manage my time, be responsible and not make a mess because I knew I had to clean-up afterwards. The University of Arkansas is filled with opportunities, one must learn when to take them and how to use those opportunities to your advantage. I joined many organization which allowed me to find what I really enjoy doing and got to share it with other people, which also allowed me to create everlasting friendships and great contacts for the future.
My way of viewing the world changed completely. I got the opportunity of meeting people from different countries, which I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t come here.  The University opened my doors to a bigger world where I could get cultured without having to travel far.
I grew so much as a person, I learned how to appreciate the small things, the value of friends and the importance of sharing with others, these are some of the impacts the university had on me and I am sure that for the rest of my time here the university will never stop surprising me, teaching live lessons apart from what we learn in class.


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