Applying to the U of A? Find out how a current student successfully APPLIED and was ACCEPTED!

The Spring 2017 application deadline is this Saturday, October 1. If you are planning on applying, be sure to submit your online application and all other required materials by the deadline.

To help you finalize your application, current University of Arkansas Senior and International Student Ambassador, Selina, reflects on how she successfully applied and was accepted to the University of Arkansas!


At the high school I attended, every junior took the ACT in the spring semester. I prepared for the exam by enrolling in an ACT prep-class that met once a week and by taking a few practice exams. The practice exams gave me an understanding of the format and prepared me for taking an exam with timed sections. I recommend to focus your studying on the section that you struggle with the most. Math was my weakest subject, so I spent the majority of my time doing math practice problems.

After visiting campus and getting a chance to meet with faculty members in the major I was interested in, I knew that the University of Arkansas was the university I wanted to attend. I began the process of researching the application requirements. What helped me the most during this process was making a list with deadlines and specific requirements. This enabled me to have a stress-free application process and guaranteed that I did not forget any essential components.

Asking mentors and teachers for recommendation letters is always a daunting task. When deciding who to ask to write you a letter of recommendation, think of individuals who know you well in areas of academics, service, or are your mentor or advisor. Even if you have a close relationship with them, it is important to send a formal written request (usually per email). In this request you can include instructions for completing the recommendation along with the date it should be submitted by.  Make sure to ask them a month or two in advance so they have plenty of time to write it and won’t feel rushed!

Last but not least..have someone read through your application before you submit it!



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